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RUNNERS – Monthly Marathon #15 mixed by Demonic Glare

RUNNERS Monthly Marathon #15 – mixed by Demonic Glare

The Monitors – Control (Original Mix)
Maxi Mill – No Time
Photonz – Spectre
Morphosis – Too Far (Marcel Dettmann Definition 1)
Drums Of Death – Tear The Box Apart
Oni Ayhun – OAR004-A
DS1 – Red Rain
John Talabot – Missing You
Rick Wilhite – Cosmic Jungle
Egyptrixx + Ohbijou – Old Black (Earth cover)


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– Problems With The Sun

MORPHOSIS – Silent Screamer
GERY RYDELL – Careless
EGYPTRIXX – Liberation Front
KEVIN GORMAN – Shakey Metallic Beats
ROMAN LINDAU – Slow Dope Original Mix

[0.00] Nicolas Jaar‘s album ‘Space Is Only Noise‘ came out in February 2011 on Circus Company Records. At 19 he’s a young one, hailed as a talented dancefloor brain of the future by Seth Troxler. Strange then, that ‘Space Is Only Noise‘ isn’t the floorfiller you’d maybe expect. Brimming with musicality, meticulously crafted and wholeheartedly weird as it sifts and drifts through beautifully instrospective and understated melodramatic meanderings. >>> I like to listen to this mid-afternoon on a Sunday with a newspaper, cake and coffee.

[3.40] Morphosis, aka Rabih Beaini was born in Lebanon, moving to Venice in the mid 90’s to make music. More recently, his label Morphine has released raw cuts from the likes of Shake, Madteo and Hieroglyphic Being. ‘Silent Screamer‘ is the first track from the 2011 Morphosis album ‘What Have We Learned‘, released on the duly highly regarded Delsin Records. The album is the result of a few days of jams and happy accidents. Scorched and ambiguous analog on the periphery of techno, buzzing synths modulating and fizzing through filters into vacant frequencies distinct with rushes of life. >>> I like to listen to this a lot, at any time of day.

[9.40] ‘Careless‘ by Gery Rydell is from the ‘Colombage‘ compilation EP released by Mike Denhert‘s reliable Fachwerk Records in 2009. Super-stripped back minimal house with fluffy cloud and sunbeam synths dribbling into the wave-washed horizon. >>> I like to listen to this and imagine any dark holes of Leeds as gloriously empty beaches late at night.

[14.46] Egyptrixx‘s ‘Bible Eyes‘ was released in March 2011, the first full album on Night Slugs Records. It’s jammed with hot n’ sticky tactile bangers that get right under the skin, scratch that itch, make you twitch. Toronto DJ/producer David Psutka craftily stacks synth on synth, tweaking the N’th dimension into intricate disorientation and playful headfuckery whilst retaining open, stark minimal house vibes. One of the best releases of the year for sure. >>> I like to listen to this to get amped up for going out.

[20.50] Kevin Gorman‘s ‘Shakey Metallic Beats‘ appears on the ‘Mikrowave 12‘ EP released by his Manchester based label Mikrowave in 2009. The 12″ has remixes by Peter van Hoesen and Pendle Coven‘s MLZ, but this track is the stand out for me – acid jacking techno with tweaking highs. >>> I like to listen to this in warehouses.

[26.05] ‘Grey Summer‘ is one of two techno propellers from a Future Beat Alliance 12″ earlier this year, in anticipation of a full length on Berlin’s Tresor Records. The label is responsible for releases by the likes of Juan Atkins, Bam BamEddie ‘Flashin’ Fowlkes and loads more goods. That’s not to say that Matthew Puffett doesn’t deserve his own accolades, releasing his bright and breezy techno on A-list dance labels Delsin and Rush Hour since 1996. This new stuff is darker than his usual offerings but retains a sense of optimism. >>> I like to listen to this on gloomy Tuesday’s.

[33.28] Raw and repetitive filtered, rotating flashlight synth lines guide the way over deep bass, rhythmic bounces. ‘Drifting‘ by Polish producer Venice Calypso appears on ‘Synesthesia #1‘, the first of five limited compilation releases on Senseless Records with artwork by Song (olfacoception // smell) / Gloom. >>> I like to listen to this at 3am on Wednesday’s when I should be in bed but accidentally find myself up and drinking cheap Chardonnay.

[38.39] Roman Lindau is another of the Fachwerk Records selection. ‘Slow Dope Original Mix‘ is the last track on his ‘Contraste‘ EP released in 2010. Elongated breaths of eased delight teased gently into heat-hazed dub space, whilst gently skipping white noise hi-hats gradually focus from the mist and grumbling bass sine. >>> I like to listen to this anywhere between 4 and 7am on Sunday morning’s.

[42.00] As a long-time lover of all things Not Not Fun, I’ve been grabbing their new adventures that skirt loosely around dancefloor territory with all the funds I can muster. 100% Silk 12″ release number seven sees Sir Stephen dropping smiling rainbows of joyous house that bounce neatly with an early 90’s optimism before the final track ‘NY Boogie‘ takes the party through the streets and back to the bedroom. >>> I like to listen to this in headphones / houseparty.