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RUNNERS – Monthly Marathon #17

Ok. So the astute amongst you may notice that I’ve just f/d up and numbered this wrong – it should be #16. Ah well. Here’s mix #17, all collated from 7″s. In other news, we’ve just been announced for the Resident Advisor dance stage at Beacons Festival on 17-19th August – we play on the Friday. The line-up looks amazing, and it isn’t going out on a limb to say that it WILL be amazing! We also have an eye-melting new stage show, featuring hi-fi’s flying through neon cities and geometric space. If you supply dry ice, we would like sponsorship please 🙂


CRACK: WE ARE ROCK – Mount Shine
MELT BANANA – Get The T (Escaping With ID Card!) / Steel Me Lust
THE GEEKS – Too Fat Pig
ERASE ERRATA – Spanish Harvester
MIKA MIKO – Forensic Scientist
ORTHRELM – Side A (September 2003)
EX MODELS – Bleed America
MATMOS – On And On


RUNNERS – 12″ & t-shirts available now / Monthly Marathon #13

Starting Line 12″ on DUMMY Records is available now!
Buy the vinyl or download here, or you can get a copy from us at shows.

NEW! Twitter – @_RUNNERS

First batch of RUNNERS t-shirts available for ÂŁ8 at shows

Sizes S/M/L by ContinentalFair Wear Foundation, Confidence In Textiles


– Problems With The Sun

MORPHOSIS – Silent Screamer
GERY RYDELL – Careless
EGYPTRIXX – Liberation Front
KEVIN GORMAN – Shakey Metallic Beats
ROMAN LINDAU – Slow Dope Original Mix

[0.00] Nicolas Jaar‘s album ‘Space Is Only Noise‘ came out in February 2011 on Circus Company Records. At 19 he’s a young one, hailed as a talented dancefloor brain of the future by Seth Troxler. Strange then, that ‘Space Is Only Noise‘ isn’t the floorfiller you’d maybe expect. Brimming with musicality, meticulously crafted and wholeheartedly weird as it sifts and drifts through beautifully instrospective and understated melodramatic meanderings. >>> I like to listen to this mid-afternoon on a Sunday with a newspaper, cake and coffee.

[3.40] Morphosis, aka Rabih Beaini was born in Lebanon, moving to Venice in the mid 90’s to make music. More recently, his label Morphine has released raw cuts from the likes of Shake, Madteo and Hieroglyphic Being. ‘Silent Screamer‘ is the first track from the 2011 Morphosis album ‘What Have We Learned‘, released on the duly highly regarded Delsin Records. The album is the result of a few days of jams and happy accidents. Scorched and ambiguous analog on the periphery of techno, buzzing synths modulating and fizzing through filters into vacant frequencies distinct with rushes of life. >>> I like to listen to this a lot, at any time of day.

[9.40] ‘Careless‘ by Gery Rydell is from the ‘Colombage‘ compilation EP released by Mike Denhert‘s reliable Fachwerk Records in 2009. Super-stripped back minimal house with fluffy cloud and sunbeam synths dribbling into the wave-washed horizon. >>> I like to listen to this and imagine any dark holes of Leeds as gloriously empty beaches late at night.

[14.46] Egyptrixx‘s ‘Bible Eyes‘ was released in March 2011, the first full album on Night Slugs Records. It’s jammed with hot n’ sticky tactile bangers that get right under the skin, scratch that itch, make you twitch. Toronto DJ/producer David Psutka craftily stacks synth on synth, tweaking the N’th dimension into intricate disorientation and playful headfuckery whilst retaining open, stark minimal house vibes. One of the best releases of the year for sure. >>> I like to listen to this to get amped up for going out.

[20.50] Kevin Gorman‘s ‘Shakey Metallic Beats‘ appears on the ‘Mikrowave 12‘ EP released by his Manchester based label Mikrowave in 2009. The 12″ has remixes by Peter van Hoesen and Pendle Coven‘s MLZ, but this track is the stand out for me – acid jacking techno with tweaking highs. >>> I like to listen to this in warehouses.

[26.05] ‘Grey Summer‘ is one of two techno propellers from a Future Beat Alliance 12″ earlier this year, in anticipation of a full length on Berlin’s Tresor Records. The label is responsible for releases by the likes of Juan Atkins, Bam Bam, Eddie ‘Flashin’ Fowlkes and loads more goods. That’s not to say that Matthew Puffett doesn’t deserve his own accolades, releasing his bright and breezy techno on A-list dance labels Delsin and Rush Hour since 1996. This new stuff is darker than his usual offerings but retains a sense of optimism. >>> I like to listen to this on gloomy Tuesday’s.

[33.28] Raw and repetitive filtered, rotating flashlight synth lines guide the way over deep bass, rhythmic bounces. ‘Drifting‘ by Polish producer Venice Calypso appears on ‘Synesthesia #1‘, the first of five limited compilation releases on Senseless Records with artwork by Song (olfacoception // smell) / Gloom. >>> I like to listen to this at 3am on Wednesday’s when I should be in bed but accidentally find myself up and drinking cheap Chardonnay.

[38.39] Roman Lindau is another of the Fachwerk Records selection. ‘Slow Dope Original Mix‘ is the last track on his ‘Contraste‘ EP released in 2010. Elongated breaths of eased delight teased gently into heat-hazed dub space, whilst gently skipping white noise hi-hats gradually focus from the mist and grumbling bass sine. >>> I like to listen to this anywhere between 4 and 7am on Sunday morning’s.

[42.00] As a long-time lover of all things Not Not Fun, I’ve been grabbing their new adventures that skirt loosely around dancefloor territory with all the funds I can muster. 100% Silk 12″ release number seven sees Sir Stephen dropping smiling rainbows of joyous house that bounce neatly with an early 90’s optimism before the final track ‘NY Boogie‘ takes the party through the streets and back to the bedroom. >>> I like to listen to this in headphones / houseparty.



HIZATRON – Telescope Dope
MONOLITH – Syphonic Flash
KLAUS PINTER – Bewussseinweiterung
JOHAN TIMMAN – The Blood Cells & The Antibodies (Look Out For The Killer)
RED SHAPE – Future Shock
PHOTONZ – Aquarian Ball

Monthly Marathon 9 was mixed by Dom – failed to keep it under 40 minutes for the first time, so crank it while it lasts! Honourable mention: this mix would have featured a track by Andy Blake a.k.a. Cave Paintings, but since he operates a no mp3 policy it seemed respectful to leave it off – the two 12″s out so far are incredible, get them if you can! Bit of a bundle of news to announce:

At the beginning of April we’ll be in the studio with Grant Henderson to record a 12″/download single for Brille/Dummy, with a Rory Phillips remix on the flipside. More on this soon.

On Sunday 17th April we’re playing at
The Brudenell Social Club in Leeds with Dustin Wong (Ponytail) and the possessed electrical fuckery of the Circuit Ben Reaction (Ben kindly made us some drum trigger pads recently – thanks dude!).

Saturday 30th April is Live At Leeds 2011. Nation of Shopkeepers decided that it finished too early, so we’ve been asked to extend the fun with a free afterparty, playing live and spinning vinyl from 10pm till laaaaate.

May 7th marks our first anniversary, and we’ll be leaving the UK for the first time to play B-Side Festival in Marseille with Thee Oh Sees.

RUNNERS will be playing the dance stage up on the moors at Beacons Festival on Friday 12th August, along with a whole heap of sweet stuff like Jamie XX, Ramadanman (aka Pearson Sound), Polar Bear feat MC Jyager, etc.

Each Monthly Marathon Mix will be something in the region of 30 minutes at 320 kbs mp3 quality, and we will remove tracks if requested.  We encourage you to buy the releases you love, just as we do. The downloads should take approximately 3 or 4 minutes at 70 kB/sec. You can also stream the mixes from our Facebook page and from Soundcloud.

The start of this Hizatron track makes me think of synthesised kalimbas – I’m in! That’s totally misleading though, seeing as it’s a fresh slice of tastefully rude tech-house. This is the title track from one of his two 12″s on Wigflex, which appears to have been released in January 2011, though I most definitely got it from a store back in November last year.  Hizatron is from Nottingham, and he may (or may not) make beats from cats and eggs. He also likes to sport blingers on his feet, which will no doubt please Nash.

I’m sorry to say that it wasn’t a conscious effort to forge a theme between the first track and the second – I’ve only just noticed it now, but Tron is totally sweet so it’s all good! The special effects in Tron were made by a company called Monolith. This Monolith track was released on 12″ by Rephlex last year, and there’s a track called F-Tron on the a-side. Yeaaaaaaaaaah, it’s all starting to make sense.

Right, bear with me here… Endless House Foundation was the brainchild of “wealthy audiophile/maniac” Jiri Kantor, who curated a 6 week project in the Bialowieska Forest, Czechoslovakia in spring 1973. The album is a compilation featuring the likes of Felix Uran, Walter Schnaffs, Klaus Pinter and Rasmus Folk, and it’s just been released on CD (in a velcro-sealed envelope with artefact postcards and photographs) by Dramatic, who are known for releasing records with long-winded fictional histories… which means none of the above is true, i.e. cue for a shit-ton of blog hype yo!

Trip Into The Body was released by Johan Timman in 1981. The Amsterdam born synthesist was (maybe still is) known as the ball-breaking epitome of a perfectionist. Trip Into The Body was his only album, and I sure as hell can’t fault it… not even the way this track abruptly cuts at what should be a really wrong moment (look out for the killer – it’s in the title).

Broken Chains by Composite Profuse appears on last year’s L.I.K.E. collaborative 12″, released by two top Italian labels Truckstop 76th and Minimal Rome. Quick paced anxious synth paranoia driven by a floor-filling jumping beat, giving way to disaffected  vocoder vocals detailing ‘the power of control… don’t let the people become slaves…’

Dropping into an untitled Jodey Kendrick track from last year’s Plus Ten 12″ on Rephlex… confusingly, there also appears to be an album entitled Plus Ten, which this track doesn’t appear on. A little further out of his usual vein of RDJ in Analord mode, moving into perpetual minimal techno loaded heavy with dark, tense momentum.

Future Shock came out at the trail end of 2010 on Delsin Records, Red Shape‘s fifth EP on the label. The full version is about 4 minutes longer than this edit, but this mix is already stretching the self-imposed 30 minute target we set ourselves. The fried 80’s electro funk of Manhattan on the flip side is  also worth your cash, straying away from the bleak minimal acid techno Red Shape (aka Sebastian Kramer) is known for.

Photonz are a duo from Portugal, and following releases on the likes of Dissident and Dirty, they’ve taken the decision to start up their own label, One Eyed Jacks. In their words, “the place where the WRONG stuff happens… we want to take that risk ourselves this time, whether it means success or disaster.” Aquarian Ball is the first One Eyed Jacks release, summed up nicely by Boomkat – “Nutty jacking killer… filtering centrifugal breakbeat edits in a properly dynamic Anthony Shakir style. Guaranteed floor movers. Heavy.”

I was tempted to leave this month’s marathon as a link to the Odd Future tumblr where you can just get it ALL right here, right now – a whole fucking heap of free stuff from various OF members (Earl Sweatshirt, Hodgy Beats, Domo Genesis, etc). There’s too much to explain, but the icing on the cake is that there’ll be a Tyler The Creator LP on XL this year… get on it.



Monthly Marathon Mix 8 has been assembled by Toby. We are also happy to announce the beginning of RUNNERS world domination in an extremely slow-paced plot to re-populate humanity – congratulations to Leon and Jess on the healthy birth of their first daughter Edie, who arrived just before midnight on the 5th February. We won’t be playing many shows for the next couple of months (details of a few festivals coming soon), though we will soon be moving into our own studio space ready to start recording our first album.

NATION OF ULYSSES – Maniac Dragstrip
– Hyperdawn
– I Luv The Valley OH
– Psycho 75
– Lovers Start
-Magnetic Fields (Part IV)
– Spirit Burner
– Theychx
– Ready To Spit

Each Monthly Marathon Mix will be something in the region of 30 minutes at 320 kbs mp3 quality, and we will remove tracks if requested.  We encourage you to buy the releases you love, just as we do. The downloads should take approximately 3 or 4 minutes at 70 kB/sec. You can also stream the mixes from our Facebook page and from Soundcloud.

No matter how cool Weird War were, Nation of Ulysses were cooler.  This track was out on their second album, by which point they seemed to have figured out how to play their instruments near enough to properly without losing their manic edge or pop gang mentality.

Everyone in recent memory seems to have been all over Oneohtrix Point Never like a fat kid on a cupcake, but the beatless arpeggiated synth gem ‘Hyperdawn’ demonstrates why.  Serious space adventures.  Could do without the seagulls though.

Everyone in RUNNERS likes to laugh at me as I have a pretty similar hair cut to the guy from Xiu Xiu; guess I get the last laugh as I’m putting them in my marathon.  It’s on a fine line, but I rate some of this bands output due to it’s manic, desperate, somewhat seasick tone.

Remember when Three One G still put out good records? Remember when you could go to a show in a black t shirt and not get shit from some long hair with a Prince fetish for it? Crimson Curse remembers.

‘Lovers Start’ by How To Dress Well sounds like some overly delayed pop song ebbing out of an open window on a summer evening – the entirety of the ‘Love Remains’ album is making me yearn for the seasons change.

When I was a kid my folks played Jean-Michel Jarre records near continuously, hence I’m blind to a lot of his faults (any record after and possibly including “Waiting for Cousteau”). However, I will stand by the assertion that if Kraftwerk were from France this is how they would have sounded.  Bit of a guilty pleasure, but he sure knows how to shred a keytar solo live. Bet JMJ is way more fun to hang out with than Kraftwerk too.

I never got my cycle to the coast to listen to Washed Out in the surf that I mentioned in marathon 4, but this summer I’m going to get my shit together and do it. Boy Friend‘s ‘Spirit Burner’ will also be on the playlist for the ride. More delay soaked synth coupled with a lush, simple vocal line.

The minimal ambient techno of F.U.S.E. is what the bong kids were listening to in 1993, in place of Ducktails and Sun Araw for the wastiods of today… possibly.

Remember when I cussed Three One G for not putting out good records anymore?  Well they don’t, but the new Retox EP harks back to the days when they did. Members of some of the best bands from 31G’s heyday (The Locust, The Festival Of Dead Deer and The Crimson Curse, as well as Struggle, Swing Kids, Holy Molar, etc). The Retox EP is available for free download from their website.

RUNNERS – Expander Mix

Download mp3 here (32mins, 74mb)

In lieu of the first Monthly Marathon of 2011, we thought we’d straddle some sub-particles to surround our recent remix of a track from PRINTED CIRCUIT‘s forthcoming new album, which will  be available as one of a bundle of free bonus downloads, including the likes of our mutual buddy Hawnay Troof. ‘Distance And Time RUNNERS Galaxy Remix’ is track two in the Expander mix. The last track in this mix came about by accident when two songs started playing on my computer at the same time, and it seemed too good to be one coincidental lost moment in time – Lazy Fat People and Bitchin’ Bajas (solo project of Cooper Crane – we played with his band Cave last year).


Leon has truly gone to town with his second mix – a cinematic cocktail featuring no less than 16 tracks in 30 minutes and 6 seconds.

DOWNLOAD – RUNNERS – Monthly Marathon Mix VII (mp3)

PHIL YOUNG – Science & Industry
PETER HOWELL – Merry-Go-Round
JOHN CARPENTER – Assault on Precinct 13 – Julie’s Theme
JOHN BAKER – Good Morning Wales
PLONE – Be Rude To Your School
BELBURY POLY – The Hidden Door
STEVE MARSHALL – Kingdom of the Thunder Dragon
JACK AREL & PIERRE DUTOUR – Bumblebees Dance
JONATHAN GIBBS – Computers in the Real World

Each Monthly Marathon Mix will be something in the region of 30 minutes at 320 kbs mp3 quality, and we will remove tracks if requested.  We encourage you to buy the releases you love, just as we do. The downloads should take approximately 3 or 4 minutes at 70 kB/sec. You can also stream the mixes from our Facebook page.

And whilst we’re at it, here’s an updated list of our shows for the rest of 2010:

  • 22nd November CAVE, RUNNERS, HUSH ARBORS Upset The Rhythm at The Nest, London
  • 23rd NovemberSUN ARAW, ZUN ZUN EGUI, RUNNERS, HOOKWORMS – Brudenell Social Club, Leeds
  • 28th November – CUT (Italy), RUNNERS, KLAUS KINSKI, TEENAGE DOPE FIENDS – The Red House, Sheffield
  • 4th DecemberMAHJONGG (Chicago, K Records), RUNNERS, MENOMENA (Portand, City Slang),  CISSY, NOPE – Brudenell Social Club, Leeds
  • 14th December – RUNNERS, PUNCH & THE APOSTLES, AM ERIC ANS – Dont Drop The Dumbells (big green gate on Hardman Street), Liverpool
  • 17th December – RUNNERS, GUMMY STUMPS, TUT VU VU, DAVID SHRIGLEY (DJ set) – Studio Warehouse in Glasgow…  see Cry Parrot for info!