We are happy to say that the first RUNNERS vinyl is nearly upon us, released on 18th July 2011 by DUMMY. Starting Line was recorded by Grant Henderson at Loom Studios and mixed by Steven Whitfield. On the B side is an instrumental version of Starting Line and another track, Pulsar Quasar, which Jeff T Smith recorded at Loom Studios. Michael Ward undertook mastering duties. Video by Eoin Shea in full 1080p super high definition. We are grateful to them all. You can nip over to the Dummy shop to grab the FLACs now, the 12” will be out on the 18th July, and you can stream it all on Soundcloud now!

Recorded by Ross Halden at Ghost Town Studios, Leeds. Mastered by Michael Ward.

Read about the release here:

Pukekos is the blog, archive and digital label lovingly nurtured by our friend BJ Rubin in New York. He has worked at The Daily Show with Jon Stewart as an associate producer, and operates Dick Move Records (with releases by Teengirl Fantasy, Knyfe Hyts). BJ also croons his dulcet tones with Kevin Shea‘s sticksmanship in Puttin’ On The Ritz, performs as a comedian and plays with the jazz-fusion ensemble Odysseus. That aside, he is quite simply a very lovely and very funny human.

Pukekos has other free digital releases by Narchitect, Beaches, Haunted Fucking, Starring, Brenmar, BJ Rubin, Sexy Thoughts, Odysseus, Puttin’ on the Ritz, Moon Duo, Teengirl Fantasy, Aye Aye Captain, Amps for Christ, Nuzzle, Teengirl Fantasy, The VSS, and The Angel Assassins.


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