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RUNNERS – Monthly Marathon #17

Ok. So the astute amongst you may notice that I’ve just f/d up and numbered this wrong – it should be #16. Ah well. Here’s mix #17, all collated from 7″s. In other news, we’ve just been announced for the Resident Advisor dance stage at Beacons Festival on 17-19th August – we play on the Friday. The line-up looks amazing, and it isn’t going out on a limb to say that it WILL be amazing! We also have an eye-melting new stage show, featuring hi-fi’s flying through neon cities and geometric space. If you supply dry ice, we would like sponsorship please 🙂


CRACK: WE ARE ROCK – Mount Shine
MELT BANANA – Get The T (Escaping With ID Card!) / Steel Me Lust
THE GEEKS – Too Fat Pig
ERASE ERRATA – Spanish Harvester
MIKA MIKO – Forensic Scientist
ORTHRELM – Side A (September 2003)
EX MODELS – Bleed America
MATMOS – On And On


RUNNERS – Monthly Marathon #15 mixed by Demonic Glare

RUNNERS Monthly Marathon #15 – mixed by Demonic Glare

The Monitors – Control (Original Mix)
Maxi Mill – No Time
Photonz – Spectre
Morphosis – Too Far (Marcel Dettmann Definition 1)
Drums Of Death – Tear The Box Apart
Oni Ayhun – OAR004-A
DS1 – Red Rain
John Talabot – Missing You
Rick Wilhite – Cosmic Jungle
Egyptrixx + Ohbijou – Old Black (Earth cover)



R. KELLY – Bump’nGrind
T.L.C – Waterfalls
SALT N PEPA – Whatta Man
OUTKAST – Spottie Ottie Dopalicious
Bone Thugs N Harmony – The Crossroads
R. KELLY – I Believe I Can Fly

Monthly Marathon # 14 was compiled by Leon Carey, October 2011.

Each Monthly Marathon Mix will be something in the region of 30 minutes at 320 kbps mp3 quality, and we will remove tracks if requested.  We encourage you to buy the releases you love, just as we do. Downloads should take approximately 3 or 4 minutes at 70 kbps. You can also stream the mixes from our Facebook page and from Soundcloud.

First of all we have a few gigs on the horizon starting with this Thursday at Wharf Chambers, Leeds with Zun Zun Egui and Azores.  It would be great to see plenty of friendly faces down there for what will be good times and good tunes. The other shows have recently been posted; so I won’t bombard you with dates and words. Baffling…

Instead listen to this.  Summer has left; so I wanted to bring a little wasted summertime vibe to this mix.  I’ve either had too much time on my hands or I’m a fucking crackpot.  You decide.  I haven’t asked permission to do anything to these songs and who’s said I have.  They’re liars.  If someone should take offence to me posting this mix I apologise profusely and will gladly take it down.  Afterall, I’m only having a bit of fun.

From the tracklisting you can see who these people are.  If you’ve never heard of them, here’s today’s lesson.  Not from me.  I’m tired and should be in bed.  Just search for them.  You’re on a computer. 

It’s late.  I’m writing this in aqua and it’s hurting my eyes.  Enjoy! x

RUNNERS – 12″ & t-shirts available now / Monthly Marathon #13

Starting Line 12″ on DUMMY Records is available now!
Buy the vinyl or download here, or you can get a copy from us at shows.

NEW! Twitter – @_RUNNERS

First batch of RUNNERS t-shirts available for £8 at shows

Sizes S/M/L by ContinentalFair Wear Foundation, Confidence In Textiles


– Problems With The Sun

MORPHOSIS – Silent Screamer
GERY RYDELL – Careless
EGYPTRIXX – Liberation Front
KEVIN GORMAN – Shakey Metallic Beats
ROMAN LINDAU – Slow Dope Original Mix

[0.00] Nicolas Jaar‘s album ‘Space Is Only Noise‘ came out in February 2011 on Circus Company Records. At 19 he’s a young one, hailed as a talented dancefloor brain of the future by Seth Troxler. Strange then, that ‘Space Is Only Noise‘ isn’t the floorfiller you’d maybe expect. Brimming with musicality, meticulously crafted and wholeheartedly weird as it sifts and drifts through beautifully instrospective and understated melodramatic meanderings. >>> I like to listen to this mid-afternoon on a Sunday with a newspaper, cake and coffee.

[3.40] Morphosis, aka Rabih Beaini was born in Lebanon, moving to Venice in the mid 90’s to make music. More recently, his label Morphine has released raw cuts from the likes of Shake, Madteo and Hieroglyphic Being. ‘Silent Screamer‘ is the first track from the 2011 Morphosis album ‘What Have We Learned‘, released on the duly highly regarded Delsin Records. The album is the result of a few days of jams and happy accidents. Scorched and ambiguous analog on the periphery of techno, buzzing synths modulating and fizzing through filters into vacant frequencies distinct with rushes of life. >>> I like to listen to this a lot, at any time of day.

[9.40] ‘Careless‘ by Gery Rydell is from the ‘Colombage‘ compilation EP released by Mike Denhert‘s reliable Fachwerk Records in 2009. Super-stripped back minimal house with fluffy cloud and sunbeam synths dribbling into the wave-washed horizon. >>> I like to listen to this and imagine any dark holes of Leeds as gloriously empty beaches late at night.

[14.46] Egyptrixx‘s ‘Bible Eyes‘ was released in March 2011, the first full album on Night Slugs Records. It’s jammed with hot n’ sticky tactile bangers that get right under the skin, scratch that itch, make you twitch. Toronto DJ/producer David Psutka craftily stacks synth on synth, tweaking the N’th dimension into intricate disorientation and playful headfuckery whilst retaining open, stark minimal house vibes. One of the best releases of the year for sure. >>> I like to listen to this to get amped up for going out.

[20.50] Kevin Gorman‘s ‘Shakey Metallic Beats‘ appears on the ‘Mikrowave 12‘ EP released by his Manchester based label Mikrowave in 2009. The 12″ has remixes by Peter van Hoesen and Pendle Coven‘s MLZ, but this track is the stand out for me – acid jacking techno with tweaking highs. >>> I like to listen to this in warehouses.

[26.05] ‘Grey Summer‘ is one of two techno propellers from a Future Beat Alliance 12″ earlier this year, in anticipation of a full length on Berlin’s Tresor Records. The label is responsible for releases by the likes of Juan Atkins, Bam BamEddie ‘Flashin’ Fowlkes and loads more goods. That’s not to say that Matthew Puffett doesn’t deserve his own accolades, releasing his bright and breezy techno on A-list dance labels Delsin and Rush Hour since 1996. This new stuff is darker than his usual offerings but retains a sense of optimism. >>> I like to listen to this on gloomy Tuesday’s.

[33.28] Raw and repetitive filtered, rotating flashlight synth lines guide the way over deep bass, rhythmic bounces. ‘Drifting‘ by Polish producer Venice Calypso appears on ‘Synesthesia #1‘, the first of five limited compilation releases on Senseless Records with artwork by Song (olfacoception // smell) / Gloom. >>> I like to listen to this at 3am on Wednesday’s when I should be in bed but accidentally find myself up and drinking cheap Chardonnay.

[38.39] Roman Lindau is another of the Fachwerk Records selection. ‘Slow Dope Original Mix‘ is the last track on his ‘Contraste‘ EP released in 2010. Elongated breaths of eased delight teased gently into heat-hazed dub space, whilst gently skipping white noise hi-hats gradually focus from the mist and grumbling bass sine. >>> I like to listen to this anywhere between 4 and 7am on Sunday morning’s.

[42.00] As a long-time lover of all things Not Not Fun, I’ve been grabbing their new adventures that skirt loosely around dancefloor territory with all the funds I can muster. 100% Silk 12″ release number seven sees Sir Stephen dropping smiling rainbows of joyous house that bounce neatly with an early 90’s optimism before the final track ‘NY Boogie‘ takes the party through the streets and back to the bedroom. >>> I like to listen to this in headphones / houseparty.

RUNNERS – Hookworms Starting Line remix, Dazed Digital exclusive mix, Monthly Marathon Mix #12

RUNNERS – Starting Line (Hookworms Remix)

HOOKWORMS have monged out Starting Line into a blissful psyche ocean, teasing you away from the horizon. They’re fellow Leedsians who put on a solid live show with an outlook and way of doing things that we respect, so we asked them to cover/remix Starting Line in celebration of our first vinyl being released by DUMMY this month. Hookworms have a tape coming out pretty soon on Cameron of Sun Araw’s label, Sun Ark
stream it on Bandcamp here.

On top of this month’s Monthly Marathon mix, we were asked to put together an exclusive mix for Dazed & Confused’s online presence – read some words and listen to the RUNNERS exclusive Dazed Digital mix here.







DUSTIN WONG – Infinite Love 8 (Infinite Love)
MIST – Dead Occasion / Ovary Stunts (House)
MONOTRACT – There Are Hard Days I Can’t Forget (Xprmntl Lvrs)
BLANCK MASS – Chernobyl (Self Titled album)
SHIPPING NEWS – Antebellum (One Less Heartless To Fear)
ETIENNE JAUMET – Entropy (Entropy EP)
DEBRUIT – Nigeria What (Spatio-Temporal EP)
WARSAWWASRAW – A Cat Only Has Nine Lives (Chaajoth)
CASSINI-HUYGENS – Mission to Saturn (vimeo link)

Monthly Marathon #12 was put together by Toby, July 2011.

I had heard nothing of Dustin Wong‘s solo output prior to RUNNERS playing with him in leeds earlier this year.  However, his rep from Ponytail suggested that the show was going to be something special.  Surrounded by an arc of loop and effects pedals, Wong came across as a genuinely friendly figure whose character complemented his series of precisely looped, densely layered and uplifting compositions. The material he played is apparently a soon-to-be-released album, and whilst Infinite Love is great, I reckon the newer material is even better! A+

Mist is a collaboration between Jon Elliot of Emeralds and Sam Goldberg who, amongst other projects, records as Radio People. Given how much I enjoy Emeralds’ most recent album, I was pretty excited to hear this and surprised by the fact I actually prefer it to Emeralds’ output. The more focused and aggressive approach on this album helps prevent the sort of mid-record lack-of-drive slump that makes me look to change the disc.

Back in the early second half of the first decade of the second millennium, Load Records seemed to be doing a lot more than they are now. They put out Monotract‘s Trueno Oscuro record, which introduced me to the band and made me hunt out their previous outing which this song is lifted from. Monotract are one of the few bands alongside contemporaries Sightings and Air Conditioning that I still find myself revisiting due to the well weighed out ingredients of static wash, actual riffs and excellent vocal delivery. There are hard days indeed.

Benjamin John Power is one half of Fuck Buttons and all of Blanck Mass. His new solo album kinda makes me think he is the one who does most of the leg work in Fuck Buttons. The album is brimming with drone filtered Vangelis / Jarre space adventures and is probably my favourite album of the year thus far as I’m a sucker for journeys through the space void.

Shipping News are the unfuckwithable champions of this genre and could probably get away with suing an awful lot of early-era LS6 bands for plagiarism. Ok, sure they have had some low points, but last year’s album which slipped by me until now is excellent. Probably because its all recorded live, which is when the band seem to be at their ultra-tight, concise, aggressive best.
One half of Zombie Zombie and probable John Carpenter obsessive. We were lucky to see Etienne Jaumet play in Marseille on our recent jaunt there recently, and I think his solo output suits his sound a lot more than the collaborative effort of Zombie Zombie. Great spacious, lush, kosmische techno.
I don’t know why I have forgotten to put Xavier Thomas’ Debruit in my Marathons previously as his geographically-themed dubstep records have been a regular feature in my listening habits since last summer. The latest Turkish inspired Sis-Surprise is good, but hasn’t caught my attention as much as the previous records that that had a more North African feel to them. The concept of geographical/cultural inspiration appeals to my obsessive compulsive facets as a good way to focus your thinking and sample bank, whilst lending a cohesive theme to a record too.
Warsawwasraw – shit name, good band. Previously a five piece, releasing the Chaajoth album from which this song is taken, but now a three piece and about to release a 7 inch on ThreeOneG. French sorta powerviolence that brings to mind bands like Trencher, in so much as they are more inventive than the majority of their genre contemporaries and prepared to experiment. The new material with the slimmed down line up seems a little more tech, but fortunately not enough for it to become lifeless.

Cassini Mission

Something of a departure for the Marathon, but in the month that the magnificent white elephant that is the space shuttle is retired, it seemed appropriate. Despite its brevity, this is a beautiful collection of some of the film footage sent back from the Cassini-Huygens mission to Saturn. The footage was filmed almost 900 million miles from Earth by an object about the size of a Sprinter tour van and weighing about 2.5 metric tonnes. Think about that for a second, properly. We built that thing and hurled it out there, on the back of pretty shitty odds that it would actually make it, just to go and have look. Whilst it returns not only valuable scientific data but also incredibly beautiful images, people at the bottom of the gravity-well still argue against spaceflight and curiosity driven research. Fucking morons. The shuttle might be dead, but long live the space race…

RUNNERS – Monthly Marathon #11

RUNNERS – Monthly Marathon 11

THE WEEKND – High For This
KATY B – Katy On A Mission
JANELLE MONÁE – Tightrope ft. Sir Lucious Left Foot
TUNE-YARDS – Bizness
DMX KREW – I Can’t Control The Feeling
BIG BOI – Turns Me On ft. Sleepy Brown & Joi
HOW TO DRESS WELL – Decisions ft. Yuksel Arslan

Monthly Marathon # 11 was compiled by Leon Carey, June 2011.

Each Monthly Marathon Mix will be something in the region of 30 minutes at 320 kbps mp3 quality, and we will remove tracks if requested.  We encourage you to buy the releases you love, just as we do. Downloads should take approximately 3 or 4 minutes at 70 kbps. You can also stream the mixes from our Facebook page and from Soundcloud.

Before we begin, a little announcement.  We are releasing ‘Starting Line’ as a single with DUMMY in July.  Beforehand a video made by our pal Eoin Shea is soon to be released upon the universe.  Like imminently.  So far it looks positively stunning.  More news on that very soon.  Now…

To begin with take heed to the title of the first track.  You’ve got to get ‘High For This’The Weeknd is Abel Tesfaye from Toronto, Canada.  I only recently found out about this whilst pilfering the net for good sounds.  It isn’t pretentious and defies slick production skills.  It’s a guy with some beats, sub, soft pads and a voice with no auto tune; hopefully a sign of things to come in the R&B world.  Get the album here: The Weeknd

Saul Williams is a poet, writer, actor and musician.  Saul Williams is amazing.  This is the first track from his new album ‘Volcanic Sunlight’.  My good friend Bruno put me on to him about 7 years ago and I’ve kept an ear out for everything he’s done.  His albums can be hit and miss, but there are always gems like this on them.  ‘Volcanic Sunlight’ is a great album and you should definitely seek it out.  For more go here: Saul Williams

I may surprise some with this choice.  After all it’s a song the kids today are listening to.  It’s been in the pop charts.  I do like my guilty pleasures and this track is high on that list for this year.  Do you remember Ms. Dynamite? Do you remember that song?  Now listen to this.  The ‘Tee, eee’ has been replaced with ‘Ooo, oom’ to ‘Uuu, une’ and the bass has gotten damn filthy.  Katy B is young, gifted and her voice is liquid gold to this sound.  She’s some drama school graduate, which is a must these days for any young thing to “break through”, but you can’t judge on that.  Ms. Dynamite makes an appearance on the album and I must say bar a couple of flops it’s a belting British dance off.  You want more, clicky: Katy B

If this track doesn’t make you want to grab the closest person to you and swing, you my dear friend are dead to me.  Janelle Monáe has a voice to die for and a mind I would like to spend time with.  Her debut album ‘The ArchAndroid’ is a sequel to her critically acclaimed EP ‘Metropolis’ and yes indeed, it has a *whispers* concept.  Click video to watch some tasty moves and get an idea of said concept.   Learn more about the lady herself: Janelle Monae

Next up we have tUnE-yArDs (that’s how the lady spells it) who is Merrill Garbus from New England, USA and this here track is taken from her ‘w h o k i l l’ album, which was released this year.  I love this song.  There’s an uplifting quality that can’t be bottled and the vocal hook is so catchy, I’ve been singing/humming it for weeks on end.  Get the album in your lives and look out for her in a town near you, but be quick I hear tickets are selling fast.  More info and tour dates are on her Facebook page and links to other media are here: tUnE-yArDs

‘Wave Funk’, the album which this DMX Krew song is taken from, is a perfect example of how good electronic music should be produced.  I nearly sacked off the mix and was going to tell you to go away and listen to the entire album and get back to me, but I realised I’d already copped out on the last mix and you deserve better.  Instead whet your appetite then seek out the album.  You won’t be sorry.  Learn more: DMX Krew

He’s already featured in the mix; so in theory this is a bit of a cheat, but I don’t care.  The lads will tell you I have a lot of admiration for Big Boi and his partner in sweet soulful tunes, Andre 3000, and this track is typical of their Atlantan style.  It’s smooth and silky, with great vocal hooks and that southern drawl that you’ve just got to love.  ‘Sir Lucious Left Foot…’ is Big Boi all the way (with a little help from his friends) and as timeless as any of his past output.  Find more: Big Boi

My last track will soak you in reverb and leave you moist.  How To Dress Well is Tom Krell from Brooklyn, NYC.  He is prolific in his output and most of the music he makes he gives away online.  Seven EP’s in a year.  He deserves all the props.  This track is taken from his debut album ‘Love Remains’, which sounds like it’s been recorded in a large hall on a 1980’s boombox.  This is lush, thought provoking stuff.  Right now you should be closing your eyes, sitting back and allowing this song under your skin and into your dreams.  For more: How To Dress Well

RUNNERS – Monthly Marathon #10



FORD & LOPATIN – Emergency Room
STAR SLINGER Vs TEAMS – Punch Drunk Love
ZOMBI – Escape Velocity
TAPE – Gone Gone

Monthly Marathon # 10 was compiled by Jon Nash, May 2011.

Each Monthly Marathon Mix will be something in the region of 30 minutes at 320 kbs mp3 quality, and we will remove tracks if requested.  We encourage you to buy the releases you love, just as we do. The downloads should take approximately 3 or 4 minutes at 70 kB/sec. You can also stream the mixes from our Facebook page and from Soundcloud.

This Ford & Lopatin (formally GAMES) track has been doing the rounds on the net for a while so you may have heard it already. These childhood friends and MIDI obsessed bros make astoundingly good music. The GAMES 7″ and 12″ EP’s were pretty awesome, but from what I’ve heard so far their debut LP ‘Channel Pressure‘ has gone 100% next level. ‘Emergency Room‘ channels the spirit of Scritti Politti‘s 80’s pop output and sprinkles it with wild Adrian Belew style guitar theatrics. It’s the crispiest tune I’ve heard since way back and If they don’t make it as artists they’ll sure be legendary producers. ‘Channel Pressure‘ is out later in the year on the duo’s own Mexican Summer imprint, Software.

This is another Mexican Summer related track. Star Slinger (a.k.a the king of Beat Repeat) is a remix artist/glorified DJ whose mixes are the thing of legend. Just type his name into Youtube and you’ll be bombarded by a host of awesome tracks he’s had a hand in remixing. I find it hard to believe instrumental hip-hop this sweet has been crafted by a lad from Manchester! Gotta love that shit. Don’t know much about Teams so I’ve no idea who is doing what, but who gives fuck, this tune is a beauty. Classic soul meets DMX style beats, what more can you ask for. Their S/T EP is still available from Mexican Summer if you wanna hear the rest.

Love the fact that these dudes are on Relapse. You all know Zombi so I won’t bang on, but this opener track from their new LP ‘Escape Velocity‘ is a killer example of why they are kings of the whole Georgio Moroder / John Carpenter / Italian Disco aping crew. It’s so good it makes me want to give up playing forever. They’ll always be one step ahead of the lads.

This one I’ve included purely because I love the the fact that it exists at all. ‘Fright Night‘ was the highlight of Ariel Pink’s ‘Before now’ LP and the fact that future funk revivalist and all round good guy DAM_FUNK has got his hands on it brings a little tear to my eye. Not the greatest remix of all time but certainly a tastefully funkified LA re-jig of the original mix. Love that Claptrap business. Gotta get myself one of them babies at some point. Can’t remember where I found this but it might be on the Stones Throw website.

More new goodies. I assume this beauty will rear it’s head on the next Real Estate LP but for now it’s a lone soldier. From the opening bars it’s apparent that this is pure Fleetwood Mac, especially the bass line and Daniel Lopatin’s (Oneohtrix Point Never, Ford & Lopatin) guest synth contributions. Absolute country pop gold. I bet their parents love it.

This is taken from Tape‘s recent LP ‘Revelationes‘ which I heard kinda by accident whilst fulfilling my review duties at Norman Records. Very spacious, laid back playing. Reminds me of Tortoise and a whole bunch of other Chicago types. Incredibly tasteful stuff and a rare treat to hear a band perform so well together on record or otherwise. Still haven’t got around to listening to their back catalogue but it’s on the list.