RUNNERS videos: Tranquility Base Parts 1 & 2 live @ Bradford Uni Music Department Bunker

RUNNERS: Tranquility Base Parts One and Two live at Bradford University Music Department Bunker

Long-time friend, DIY stalwart and recently appointed Bradford University Fellow of Music, Andy Abbott (aka That Fucking Tank, Nope, Obscene Baby Auction, etc) recently invited us into a dusty basement of the academic institution’s Music Department. Relying on a single mic, camera and projector, these are the results – Tranquility Base Parts One and Two and Pulsar Quasar (the B-side from our 12″ on Dummy Records last year).

Recordings of Tranquility Base Parts 1 & 2 have been made at Ghost Town Studios and will hopefully appear on a 12″ at some point soon. Also keep your ears peeled for a few other Tranquility related adventures from the creative visual mind of a technological whizz kid and other funs from the hot heat of Lisbon. Oh!

RUNNERS: Pulsar Quasar (live b-side of Starting Line 12″ Dummy Records)

We’ve been confirmed to play the closing party for the ‘12 Months of Neon Love‘ project by Victoria Lucas and Richard Wheater. Richard made RUNNERS’ own neon lights, and for the last year he has been handcrafting large works of art, spelling out song lyrics visible to all the trains passing through Wakefield. The closing party is being held at NeonWorkshops Studio in Wakefield on February 14th 2012. Read more about the year-long project:
January 2012: BBC Radio 2 (Art Show with Claudia Winkleman) – here
April 2011: Guardian – here

On March 28th 2012, we’ll be at the Hepworth Gallery (celebrating a very successful first year) for Wakefield Artwalk, playing alongside a few other bands and in and amongst the apocalyptic artworks of artists such as Heather & Ivan Morrison, Ben Rivers and David Thorpe. This show is an early finish, so Leeds peeps should take note that you could get to Wakefield and back via the train network.


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