Starting Line 12″s destroyed by fire

Photograph: Luke Macgregor/Reuters

We are gutted to announce that the vast majority of our Starting Line 12″s released just last week on DUMMY Records were destroyed by a fire at the Sony DADC / PIAS Warehouse in Enfield, London. The 3-storey 20,000 square-metre building was burned to the ground on 8th August during riots following the shooting of Mark Duggan by armed police. Clearly, there is more at stake than home entertainment, and we feel it would be selfish to be angry about our records being lost along with so many others. PIAS is the UK’s largest independent home entertainment distributor for record labels such as Domino, Warp, 4AD, Thrill Jockey and many other small labels, as well as film distributors such as BFI and Artificial Eye. To get an idea of the scale of what’s been destroyed, the BFI  alone has lost in excess of 120,000 units.

As a tiny drop in the ocean, we’re not so harshly affected as many, but it seems pretty much agreed that this is going to have a large knock-on effect in the independent community, with the smaller labels feeling it worst. We’re glad that nobody was hurt, and our best wishes go to everyone who is going to feel the extra pinch in these already uncertain times.

However, we feel that we have no right to lay all of the blame upon society’s poorest. Instead of condemning their actions, we would rather think about the climate which has led to such events and ways to stop this from furthering a right-wing agenda.

Keep yr brains about you! Peace!

If you’re after the Starting Line 12″, DUMMY might have a few copies left, Norman Records have a box,  and we have a handful available at shows until they’re all gone too. Digital copies of the Starting Line 12″ can be purchased from or stream it here.

In the meantime, we’re looking forward to escapism through seeing loads of good music, partying and playing at Beacons Festival this weekend. We play second to last on Sunday 14th August at 9:30pm on the Heslaker Stage and you’ll hear some new songs!

Stay positive!


One response to “Starting Line 12″s destroyed by fire

  1. I’m gonna look into how many copies made it to shops so we can point people in the right direction if need be. Hopefully a repress isn’t out of the question but we’ll have to chat with the lads at Dummy before we know for sure. Stay POSI kids x

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