RUNNERS – Hookworms Starting Line remix, Dazed Digital exclusive mix, Monthly Marathon Mix #12

RUNNERS – Starting Line (Hookworms Remix)

HOOKWORMS have monged out Starting Line into a blissful psyche ocean, teasing you away from the horizon. They’re fellow Leedsians who put on a solid live show with an outlook and way of doing things that we respect, so we asked them to cover/remix Starting Line in celebration of our first vinyl being released by DUMMY this month. Hookworms have a tape coming out pretty soon on Cameron of Sun Araw’s label, Sun Ark
stream it on Bandcamp here.

On top of this month’s Monthly Marathon mix, we were asked to put together an exclusive mix for Dazed & Confused’s online presence – read some words and listen to the RUNNERS exclusive Dazed Digital mix here.







DUSTIN WONG – Infinite Love 8 (Infinite Love)
MIST – Dead Occasion / Ovary Stunts (House)
MONOTRACT – There Are Hard Days I Can’t Forget (Xprmntl Lvrs)
BLANCK MASS – Chernobyl (Self Titled album)
SHIPPING NEWS – Antebellum (One Less Heartless To Fear)
ETIENNE JAUMET – Entropy (Entropy EP)
DEBRUIT – Nigeria What (Spatio-Temporal EP)
WARSAWWASRAW – A Cat Only Has Nine Lives (Chaajoth)
CASSINI-HUYGENS – Mission to Saturn (vimeo link)

Monthly Marathon #12 was put together by Toby, July 2011.

I had heard nothing of Dustin Wong‘s solo output prior to RUNNERS playing with him in leeds earlier this year.  However, his rep from Ponytail suggested that the show was going to be something special.  Surrounded by an arc of loop and effects pedals, Wong came across as a genuinely friendly figure whose character complemented his series of precisely looped, densely layered and uplifting compositions. The material he played is apparently a soon-to-be-released album, and whilst Infinite Love is great, I reckon the newer material is even better! A+

Mist is a collaboration between Jon Elliot of Emeralds and Sam Goldberg who, amongst other projects, records as Radio People. Given how much I enjoy Emeralds’ most recent album, I was pretty excited to hear this and surprised by the fact I actually prefer it to Emeralds’ output. The more focused and aggressive approach on this album helps prevent the sort of mid-record lack-of-drive slump that makes me look to change the disc.

Back in the early second half of the first decade of the second millennium, Load Records seemed to be doing a lot more than they are now. They put out Monotract‘s Trueno Oscuro record, which introduced me to the band and made me hunt out their previous outing which this song is lifted from. Monotract are one of the few bands alongside contemporaries Sightings and Air Conditioning that I still find myself revisiting due to the well weighed out ingredients of static wash, actual riffs and excellent vocal delivery. There are hard days indeed.

Benjamin John Power is one half of Fuck Buttons and all of Blanck Mass. His new solo album kinda makes me think he is the one who does most of the leg work in Fuck Buttons. The album is brimming with drone filtered Vangelis / Jarre space adventures and is probably my favourite album of the year thus far as I’m a sucker for journeys through the space void.

Shipping News are the unfuckwithable champions of this genre and could probably get away with suing an awful lot of early-era LS6 bands for plagiarism. Ok, sure they have had some low points, but last year’s album which slipped by me until now is excellent. Probably because its all recorded live, which is when the band seem to be at their ultra-tight, concise, aggressive best.
One half of Zombie Zombie and probable John Carpenter obsessive. We were lucky to see Etienne Jaumet play in Marseille on our recent jaunt there recently, and I think his solo output suits his sound a lot more than the collaborative effort of Zombie Zombie. Great spacious, lush, kosmische techno.
I don’t know why I have forgotten to put Xavier Thomas’ Debruit in my Marathons previously as his geographically-themed dubstep records have been a regular feature in my listening habits since last summer. The latest Turkish inspired Sis-Surprise is good, but hasn’t caught my attention as much as the previous records that that had a more North African feel to them. The concept of geographical/cultural inspiration appeals to my obsessive compulsive facets as a good way to focus your thinking and sample bank, whilst lending a cohesive theme to a record too.
Warsawwasraw – shit name, good band. Previously a five piece, releasing the Chaajoth album from which this song is taken, but now a three piece and about to release a 7 inch on ThreeOneG. French sorta powerviolence that brings to mind bands like Trencher, in so much as they are more inventive than the majority of their genre contemporaries and prepared to experiment. The new material with the slimmed down line up seems a little more tech, but fortunately not enough for it to become lifeless.

Cassini Mission

Something of a departure for the Marathon, but in the month that the magnificent white elephant that is the space shuttle is retired, it seemed appropriate. Despite its brevity, this is a beautiful collection of some of the film footage sent back from the Cassini-Huygens mission to Saturn. The footage was filmed almost 900 million miles from Earth by an object about the size of a Sprinter tour van and weighing about 2.5 metric tonnes. Think about that for a second, properly. We built that thing and hurled it out there, on the back of pretty shitty odds that it would actually make it, just to go and have look. Whilst it returns not only valuable scientific data but also incredibly beautiful images, people at the bottom of the gravity-well still argue against spaceflight and curiosity driven research. Fucking morons. The shuttle might be dead, but long live the space race…


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