RUNNERS – Monthly Marathon #11

RUNNERS – Monthly Marathon 11

THE WEEKND – High For This
KATY B – Katy On A Mission
JANELLE MONÁE – Tightrope ft. Sir Lucious Left Foot
TUNE-YARDS – Bizness
DMX KREW – I Can’t Control The Feeling
BIG BOI – Turns Me On ft. Sleepy Brown & Joi
HOW TO DRESS WELL – Decisions ft. Yuksel Arslan

Monthly Marathon # 11 was compiled by Leon Carey, June 2011.

Each Monthly Marathon Mix will be something in the region of 30 minutes at 320 kbps mp3 quality, and we will remove tracks if requested.  We encourage you to buy the releases you love, just as we do. Downloads should take approximately 3 or 4 minutes at 70 kbps. You can also stream the mixes from our Facebook page and from Soundcloud.

Before we begin, a little announcement.  We are releasing ‘Starting Line’ as a single with DUMMY in July.  Beforehand a video made by our pal Eoin Shea is soon to be released upon the universe.  Like imminently.  So far it looks positively stunning.  More news on that very soon.  Now…

To begin with take heed to the title of the first track.  You’ve got to get ‘High For This’The Weeknd is Abel Tesfaye from Toronto, Canada.  I only recently found out about this whilst pilfering the net for good sounds.  It isn’t pretentious and defies slick production skills.  It’s a guy with some beats, sub, soft pads and a voice with no auto tune; hopefully a sign of things to come in the R&B world.  Get the album here: The Weeknd

Saul Williams is a poet, writer, actor and musician.  Saul Williams is amazing.  This is the first track from his new album ‘Volcanic Sunlight’.  My good friend Bruno put me on to him about 7 years ago and I’ve kept an ear out for everything he’s done.  His albums can be hit and miss, but there are always gems like this on them.  ‘Volcanic Sunlight’ is a great album and you should definitely seek it out.  For more go here: Saul Williams

I may surprise some with this choice.  After all it’s a song the kids today are listening to.  It’s been in the pop charts.  I do like my guilty pleasures and this track is high on that list for this year.  Do you remember Ms. Dynamite? Do you remember that song?  Now listen to this.  The ‘Tee, eee’ has been replaced with ‘Ooo, oom’ to ‘Uuu, une’ and the bass has gotten damn filthy.  Katy B is young, gifted and her voice is liquid gold to this sound.  She’s some drama school graduate, which is a must these days for any young thing to “break through”, but you can’t judge on that.  Ms. Dynamite makes an appearance on the album and I must say bar a couple of flops it’s a belting British dance off.  You want more, clicky: Katy B

If this track doesn’t make you want to grab the closest person to you and swing, you my dear friend are dead to me.  Janelle Monáe has a voice to die for and a mind I would like to spend time with.  Her debut album ‘The ArchAndroid’ is a sequel to her critically acclaimed EP ‘Metropolis’ and yes indeed, it has a *whispers* concept.  Click video to watch some tasty moves and get an idea of said concept.   Learn more about the lady herself: Janelle Monae

Next up we have tUnE-yArDs (that’s how the lady spells it) who is Merrill Garbus from New England, USA and this here track is taken from her ‘w h o k i l l’ album, which was released this year.  I love this song.  There’s an uplifting quality that can’t be bottled and the vocal hook is so catchy, I’ve been singing/humming it for weeks on end.  Get the album in your lives and look out for her in a town near you, but be quick I hear tickets are selling fast.  More info and tour dates are on her Facebook page and links to other media are here: tUnE-yArDs

‘Wave Funk’, the album which this DMX Krew song is taken from, is a perfect example of how good electronic music should be produced.  I nearly sacked off the mix and was going to tell you to go away and listen to the entire album and get back to me, but I realised I’d already copped out on the last mix and you deserve better.  Instead whet your appetite then seek out the album.  You won’t be sorry.  Learn more: DMX Krew

He’s already featured in the mix; so in theory this is a bit of a cheat, but I don’t care.  The lads will tell you I have a lot of admiration for Big Boi and his partner in sweet soulful tunes, Andre 3000, and this track is typical of their Atlantan style.  It’s smooth and silky, with great vocal hooks and that southern drawl that you’ve just got to love.  ‘Sir Lucious Left Foot…’ is Big Boi all the way (with a little help from his friends) and as timeless as any of his past output.  Find more: Big Boi

My last track will soak you in reverb and leave you moist.  How To Dress Well is Tom Krell from Brooklyn, NYC.  He is prolific in his output and most of the music he makes he gives away online.  Seven EP’s in a year.  He deserves all the props.  This track is taken from his debut album ‘Love Remains’, which sounds like it’s been recorded in a large hall on a 1980’s boombox.  This is lush, thought provoking stuff.  Right now you should be closing your eyes, sitting back and allowing this song under your skin and into your dreams.  For more: How To Dress Well


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