RUNNERS – Monthly Marathon #10



FORD & LOPATIN – Emergency Room
STAR SLINGER Vs TEAMS – Punch Drunk Love
ZOMBI – Escape Velocity
TAPE – Gone Gone

Monthly Marathon # 10 was compiled by Jon Nash, May 2011.

Each Monthly Marathon Mix will be something in the region of 30 minutes at 320 kbs mp3 quality, and we will remove tracks if requested.  We encourage you to buy the releases you love, just as we do. The downloads should take approximately 3 or 4 minutes at 70 kB/sec. You can also stream the mixes from our Facebook page and from Soundcloud.

This Ford & Lopatin (formally GAMES) track has been doing the rounds on the net for a while so you may have heard it already. These childhood friends and MIDI obsessed bros make astoundingly good music. The GAMES 7″ and 12″ EP’s were pretty awesome, but from what I’ve heard so far their debut LP ‘Channel Pressure‘ has gone 100% next level. ‘Emergency Room‘ channels the spirit of Scritti Politti‘s 80’s pop output and sprinkles it with wild Adrian Belew style guitar theatrics. It’s the crispiest tune I’ve heard since way back and If they don’t make it as artists they’ll sure be legendary producers. ‘Channel Pressure‘ is out later in the year on the duo’s own Mexican Summer imprint, Software.

This is another Mexican Summer related track. Star Slinger (a.k.a the king of Beat Repeat) is a remix artist/glorified DJ whose mixes are the thing of legend. Just type his name into Youtube and you’ll be bombarded by a host of awesome tracks he’s had a hand in remixing. I find it hard to believe instrumental hip-hop this sweet has been crafted by a lad from Manchester! Gotta love that shit. Don’t know much about Teams so I’ve no idea who is doing what, but who gives fuck, this tune is a beauty. Classic soul meets DMX style beats, what more can you ask for. Their S/T EP is still available from Mexican Summer if you wanna hear the rest.

Love the fact that these dudes are on Relapse. You all know Zombi so I won’t bang on, but this opener track from their new LP ‘Escape Velocity‘ is a killer example of why they are kings of the whole Georgio Moroder / John Carpenter / Italian Disco aping crew. It’s so good it makes me want to give up playing forever. They’ll always be one step ahead of the lads.

This one I’ve included purely because I love the the fact that it exists at all. ‘Fright Night‘ was the highlight of Ariel Pink’s ‘Before now’ LP and the fact that future funk revivalist and all round good guy DAM_FUNK has got his hands on it brings a little tear to my eye. Not the greatest remix of all time but certainly a tastefully funkified LA re-jig of the original mix. Love that Claptrap business. Gotta get myself one of them babies at some point. Can’t remember where I found this but it might be on the Stones Throw website.

More new goodies. I assume this beauty will rear it’s head on the next Real Estate LP but for now it’s a lone soldier. From the opening bars it’s apparent that this is pure Fleetwood Mac, especially the bass line and Daniel Lopatin’s (Oneohtrix Point Never, Ford & Lopatin) guest synth contributions. Absolute country pop gold. I bet their parents love it.

This is taken from Tape‘s recent LP ‘Revelationes‘ which I heard kinda by accident whilst fulfilling my review duties at Norman Records. Very spacious, laid back playing. Reminds me of Tortoise and a whole bunch of other Chicago types. Incredibly tasteful stuff and a rare treat to hear a band perform so well together on record or otherwise. Still haven’t got around to listening to their back catalogue but it’s on the list.


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