RUNNERS – Monthly Marathon IV

Here’s the 4th of our Runners Monthly Marathon mixes of other musics… Toby put this one together before we  found out we were playing at Field Day, so it is something of a coincidence that some of the artists in this mix were also there.

DOWNLOAD – RUNNERS – Monthly Marathon IV.mp3

– Which Way To Go
– Hold Out
– The Kettle Men
– Es Schneit
– Circassian
– Phantom Itch

Each Monthly Marathon Mix will be something in the region of 30 minutes at 320 kbs mp3 quality, and we will remove tracks if requested.  We encourage you to buy the releases you love, just as we do. The download should take approximately 3 or 4 minutes at 70 kB/sec. You can also stream the mix from our Facebook page.

Fake Blood is producer Theo Keating.  A man with a significant remix talent, capable of making dross like The Kills or Little Boots listen-able, but of limited original output. My exposure to and knowledge of electro house is limited and I was only introduced to this track as summer broke hot early this year, despite it originally appearring in 2008.  I love the simplicity and manic edge to music like this; shame I couldn’t calm down enough to enjoy his set at Field Day.

Sometimes I get this odd feeling that I’m super-saturated by synth based music.  There are certain bands that are the antidote to this feeling… The Festival of Dead Deer, Arab on Radar or Lake of Dracula maybe. Eddy Current Supression Ring fit the bill too.  ‘Which Way To Go’ is from the Primary Colours album, which  is start-to-finish an uncomplicated joy  of garage riffs and drums.  This year’s Rush To Relax album is also excellent.

Much internet bedwetting talk has been made regarding Ernest Greene’s methods of generating music and, as ever, the quest for authenticity in music is made irrelevant due to the tracks from the Life Of Leisure EP being great. Delayed drenched vocals and hazy synths abound, contributing to a perfect lazy but cohesive sound.  One day this summer, I will cycle a century to the coast to stand in the surf and drink an ice cold beverage. Washed Out will be the perfect accompaniment to this excellent thirst quenching moment.

As good as the majority of the new Actress album (Splazsh) is, I stand by the assertion that Darren Cunningham is at his best when he  becomes the digital incarnation of John Carpenter, such as on tracks like Mazes or The Kettle Men.  Sparse and focussed. Ace.

Pantha Du Prince is one of two acts in this mix who played at Field Day. Whilst I was to over-stimulated to listen to more than 5 minutes of Fake Blood, I managed to keep my ADHD in check long enough to watch the majority of German producer Hendrik Weber’s set.  I was pretty excited when I realised he was playing his most recent album, Black Noise, which has been heavily relied on since I picked it up earlier this year.  Excellent, propulsive, minimal techno. Wasn’t so minimal through a 4 million watt PA mind.

Fennesz has put out three of my favourite albums;  Endless Summer, Venice and Black Sea.  All with differing overall tones to each other, but totally recognisable.  The combination of music and artwork in these records conjures their titles perfectly.  From the lazy, hot and thick glitch of Endless Summer to the wide, lush expanses of Venice and the stark coldness of Black Sea, these three records are pretty much perfect from beginning to end. ‘Circassian is from Venice, and  is the soundtrack to some crazy bleak sci-fi film – a remake of Silent Running perhaps.  This track could run over Freeman Lowell blowing himself up to save the forest.  Yeah, that’d do.

Members of Kogumaza have featured in some of my favourite UK bands of the last decade, like Wolves (of Greece!) and Lords, and tend to be a good indicator of quality.  Kogumaza bring images of heat, dust and relentless sunlight in my head.  Maybe they are desert rock for people who aren’t down with bongs?  I don’t know, but they are excellent humans, and kindly provided me with an mp3 of this song on request – thanks very much!


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