12/06/2010: Thomas Gorton’s Birthday

Our friend Tom (Indica Ritual and Balloons) has asked us to play his birthday party on Saturday 12th June 2010. RUNNERS play sometime between midnight and 1am, cranking the huge living room of the ex-residential home which has also seen the likes of Max Tundra parading his hot stuff. If you know Tom, get in touch with him if you want to go. This is what’s happening…

There will be a BBQ followed by England’s first game of the World Cup against USA. When that finishes, houseparty. This is what’s on –

All synths and drums. Second gig. Expect an analog party from midnight.

The Countach (Jupiter Rooms, Kill The DJ)  – MAIN ROOM.
This man has been a promoter/resident at Jupiter Rooms for nearly two years. He used to run Micron and DJ regularly at the Warehouse Project. He has just signed to Kill The DJ, Ivan Smagghe’s label. He has glasses and likes techno.

Happy Endings DJS. LA CUISINE.
These guys made their name throwing out party tunes in the now burnt out Korova. Watch them bust out everything from Toto to Dr. Dre.

Come along. x

P.S. it’s Tom’s birthday so bring a pressie, or else you won’t be in the pass the parcel, downstairs loo, at 10.15 prompt (Ed)


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