RUNNERS – Monthly Marathon II

Here we are as promised, the second RUNNERS Monthly Marathon mp3 mix of sounds which are hot to trot on our home stereo systems. This one was put together by Nash.

DOWNLOAD – RUNNERS – Monthly Marathon II.mp3

MATRIX METALS – Ray Ban Meltdown Pt. 1
RANGERS – Deerfield Village
JAMES FERRARO – F-150 Night Eros At The Highway’s End
BEARDS – Bricks By Boulder

Each Monthly Marathon Mix will be something in the region of 30 minutes at 320 kbs mp3 quality, and we will remove tracks if requested. The download should take approximately 3 minutes at 70 kB/sec. You can also stream the mix from our facebook page:

I first picked up on this Orchestra Poly-Ritmo De Contonu Dahomey tune thanks to Luaka Pop‘s compilation LP ‘World Psychedelic Classics 3 – Love’s A Real Thing… The Funky Sounds of West Africa‘. Don’t know much about the band, but the track pays homage to their hometown, Minsato-Le, now known as Benin. Wiry, fuzzed out guitars and repeat doses of soul-power make for an infectious listen. Note the off-kilter groove and peculiar rhythm shift between the two main passages… you can tell the drummer was on a right problem solving mission when trying to seamlessly lock the two opposing grooves together.

Conceived as a fresh creative outlet for Bilge Pump drummer Neil ‘Ghost Sticks’ Turpin, it was apparent the first time he hit the stage with Stuart Bannister (bass) and keyboardist/second drummer Richard Morris aka Moz (CHOPS, Two Minute Noodles) that he had stumbled upon another fantastic combination. Drawing primarily on Krautrock, jazz and prog influences, Quack Quack twist these chin-strokin’ influences into vibrant and exciting new forms that can’t help but put a smile on your face and a tap in your toe. Check the gangster lean on ‘Toc H’, one of the highlights on their new album ‘Slow As An Eyeball’ available on CD from Cuckundoo, which I believe is some kind of Leaf Records off-shoot or affiliate.

Matrix Metals is the work of Sam Meringue, a part man, part unstoppable idea-generating machine. Of all the projects he is known to be associated with (Explorers/Yoga/Flashback Repository to name but a few), Matrix Metals is the one that sticks with me. Described as ‘alien lounge music’ by it’s maker, ‘Ray ban Meltdown Pt. 1’ is a the sound of a an over stimulated krautrock Party-Jam stuck on infinite, cosmic repeat. Note the Ferraro-like way sounds and loops are added to the mix…bumpy. S/T debut available from Olde English Spelling Bee is a vinyl re-issue of a tape previously available on Not Not Fun.

Rangers is the work of Joe Knight. His debut LP proper (he’s also made a bunch of crazy tapes that I’ve not heard), ‘Surburban Tours’ is a disorientating blend of 80’s synth-popisms and progged out psych-rock drenched in lashing of tape fuzz. A rare pop visionary and a damn fine bass player too. ‘Surburban Tours’ is available on LP from Olde English Spelling Bee Records.

This is the tune that I believe merits the hype that surrounds James Ferraro. He may have written a tastier jam than ‘F-150 Night Eros at the Highways End’ but I’ve not heard it…yet. So…what can I say about Ferraro?…. a pizza eating space freak if ever there was one, the man is an entity unto himself, with more pseudonyms and side projects than Jack White, Neil Young and Mike Patton put together. ‘F-150 Night Eros at the Highways End’ is basically the soundtrack to Ferraro’s pseudo-futurist, warrior road movie that doesn’t exist yet. Taken from ‘Last American Hero’ available on LP from Olde English Spelling Bee (again, I know). Originally released on Dreamtime Taped Sounds.

Beards are from Leeds. Some people say they are better than Bilge Pump!!! Now that’s an endorsement! Here’s what Rough Trade have to say about their fantastic new LP: “Channelling unnatural punk forces from beyond, Leeds’ Beards are the outsider-pop twin of a bastard daughter of Units and Kleenex. A girl-boy-girl synth-guitar sandwich, the group have built on Minutemen-esque virtuoso playing and injected a pop disease into the choruses. The result is a fierce record with lashings of hooks and propulsion. The title track, for example, is a synth-punk knee bleeder, while ‘Drive Time‘ is the sound of AM radio if you were on a rocket to the planet wtf? Taken from LP ‘Brick By Boulder’ on homespun weirdo label, Ouse.


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